Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What and Why SEO?

Lets know the term "SEO"

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your web presence such that it will be available on search engine to find you easily over all other web presence relative to the search term or keywords.

I know many of us don't know about SEO and its importance. There are rumors that SEO has died but my friend it is not so. SEO will never going to die. Yes the techniques and procedure has changed and it was mandatory bring some changes so make search more reliable, accurate and unique. So our Google search handlers did whatever needed to be done and I appreciate them for making our Internet life easy.

Search Engine Optimization
For making your web presence visible Google is crawling and indexing everything timely to update its database and indexes. Whatever we search it queried to Google database and it fetches the required results and related pages as response to our search vow great mechanism.
I have read somewhere that Google has indexed 10% of web and the rest is private unable to search by Google bots.

So this is how Google is making our life easy with lots of results in single click. SEO is the way for making your content, product and services available to the user and business online when they search about it. There is huge competition on web to make your product and services available on top SERP pages and that is what we SEOers do.

Nowadays SEO is very important task to follow by any online available organization because competition is very huge everyone is going for making his business rank higher such that they get enquiries and leads. 90% of enquiries are coming from organic search or natural search and rest are from paid search i.e., PPC.

Importance of SEO:

  • Increase your Search Engine presence
  • Get you enquiries from your top SERP visibility
  • Get you leads for your services and products
  • Makes you highly reachable
  • Makes you achieve your business goals faster
  • Accelerates your business drive into the marketplace
There are lots of aspects that will make you go for SEO of your business website. I have spent my 1.5 years in this field and learned and still learning SEO to make business’s grow online and let people know about this auspicious methodology to be incorporate in their business strategy to market and advertise their business to their potential customers.

Some Important links to learn more about SEO:

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